Our sustainability story

We’re on an ambitious journey toward becoming one of the world's leading sustainable companies.

Through purchasing carbon offsets we fund a biodiversity reserve on the Indonesian island of Borneo that protects this bog and its rich carbon capturing ecosystem from conversion to unsustainable palm oil plantations.

“Doing less bad just won’t do” - a note from our CEO

Brad Smith

Chairman and CEO

At Intuit, our mission is to power prosperity around the world. While we typically think in terms of making it easier to manage personal and small business finances, it goes much further. By powering prosperity, we’re also committed to being a good corporate citizen – making our world a better place to live, working to protect our environment, supporting global communities and acting with integrity in everything we do and say.

I’m proud to share the progress Intuit has made since issuing our first sustainability report in 2011. And I’m excited about where we’re headed in the future. Just as we strive to “deliver awesome” in our products and services, we’re committed to doing the same through our corporate social responsibility initiatives. These efforts are more than just a business practice—they’re part of our culture.

As we’ve expanded our corporate presence around the world, we’ve made strides to promote sustainability both at our work sites and in communities across the globe. Most notably, we have achieved carbon neutrality for our worldwide operations through a three-pronged strategy of boosting energy efficiency internally, investing in renewable energy and buying carbon offsets. These efforts include:

Adding energy-efficient buildings. Thirty-five percent of our buildings are LEED-certified, and two under construction will be certified at the highest level, LEED Platinum. We’re also reducing energy consumption by installing solar panels at several of our major sites.

Launching a comprehensive carbon offset program that supports 10 sustainability projects in the United States, India, Brazil, Guatemala, Borneo and Madagascar. These projects include fuel-efficient cookstoves, biomass energy sources, reforestation projects and wind power development.

Reducing our carbon footprint by using less packaging and offering online and cloud-based products and services.

While we’re ahead of schedule for several of our goals, there’s a lot of work ahead of us. As we expand our global footprint, we must be mindful of the effect of our environmental footprint as well, and must act responsibly in everything we say and do. Doing less bad just won’t do. These efforts are just the beginning.

Brad Smith
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability is built into our values

We believe in making the world a better place by transforming the financial lives of our customers. As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, we also recognize the environmental impact our operations have on the planet. Consistent with our Operating Values, we have charted an ambitious path toward becoming the most environmentally sustainable company we can be. To get there we’re taking the same values-based approach to sustainability that shape our products every day.

"We're proud of our sustainability results and are striving to do even better. We have incredibly intelligent and passionate employees and leaders who care deeply about our customers, communities and the planet."

Sean Kinghorn, Senior Sustainability Program Manager

Sustainability is part of our culture

You’ll find a focus on sustainability and innovation in where we work, in the products we make and in the way we live our lives. We’re committed to creating a future where sustainability and technology merge to empower the world around us. In the video below, our employees share their thoughts on our progress.