Enabling employee sustainability

Our employees’ passion drives our business and powers our sustainability initiatives.

Creating incentives for employees’ homes

Our environmental impact extends beyond our campuses: we empower communities so they can create positive change. This starts with our employees.


In partnership with Geostellar and the World Wildlife Fund, we launched a program in 2015 providing a financial incentive for U.S. and Canadian employees to install home solar panels. We focus on renewable energy for lowering electricity bills and adding home equity. As an added incentive, we gave $500 to the first 50 employees who applied for the program. Within six months, nearly 100 employees began installing solar panels on their homes.


We’re retrofitting all our buildings with LEDs and encourage employees to do the same for their homes. In May 2015, George Zhuravlev, a San Diego employee, coordinated an event in which 166 employees purchased 1,560 Energy Star LEDs. Collectively those light bulbs will save 86,310 kilowatt-hours of electricity and $13,000 annually in electricity bills.

Highlighting efforts of passionate employees

Grassroots efforts by employees continue to show what’s possible when passion and dedication combine. Here are a few employees who have made substantial efforts to support local communities and the planet.

Ravi Iyer

Ravi Iyer turns waste into healthy food

Ravi lives in highly water-starved Bangalore, India. His family captures wastewater from their kitchen and washing machine to use in their garden. For Ravi, the garden epitomizes a break in the traditional mindset. His children used to see waste as something “yucky.” Now they understand it’s the stuff that enriches and sustains their garden. Spoiled food, peels and leftovers are composted and fertilize a crop of mangos, bananas, papayas, pomegranates, chilies, brinjal and beets. After seeing what’s possible at his home, Ravi is now driving a community compost program.

“We need a world where every individual is conscious of the consequence of how they use resources at every moment,” says Ravi. “I look forward to working toward creating a workplace that emphasizes, fosters and encourages a culture of sustainable thinking in every aspect of life, in every action we take, and then, make it completely viral.”

Jane Horton

Jane Horton champions grassroots efforts

Jane leads the Green Team at Mountain View—a group of grassroots volunteers who support environmental initiatives and organizations both within Intuit and outside the company. She also champions employee education efforts focusing on water use and waste reduction, and informs new employees about our sustainability projects. She also helped organize the annual Earth Day celebration at our Mountain View campus, which raised awareness about water consumption and conservation.

"Sustainability means that everything I use or have has an environmental impact," says Jane. "I try to be mindful about the start to finish of clothing, food and household items and ask how many things do I really need? Will I aspire to have a zero-waste lifestyle?"

Tom Harrington

Tom Harrington leads commute solutions

Intuit Transportation Manager Tom Harrington spent countless hours of his childhood driving around San Francisco with his father—a Muni bus driver. A firm believer in public transportation, Tom has taken CalTrain to work since joining Intuit in 2002 and encourages employees to challenge their conventional commuting practices. Tom also leads efforts to reduce water use and increase conservation. Witnessing the evolution of sustainability at Intuit and its emerging focus on employees has made him excited about the opportunities ahead.

"When you believe in something, the force of your convictions can spark other people’s interest and motivate them to help you achieve your goals,” says Tom.