Targeting our indirect impact

We’re reducing all emissions, not just the ones we’re directly responsible for.

Reducing our physical and digital footprints

As the mobile and online world grows, what was once a traditional physical supply chain has turned into a largely digital footprint. With our products and services increasingly becoming cloud-based, we work with Amazon Web Services, or AWS, and Switch Communications to store data. These companies provide greater flexibility and efficiency at a scale that our data center can’t provide. Importantly, they share our commitment to renewable electricity: AWS has made a long-term commitment to 100 percent renewable energy and our data at Switch Communications is 100 percent renewably powered.

Our physical supply chain footprint has decreased 41 percent from 2009 - 2015. To support our desktop customers, and the planet, we use 100 percent recycled packaging and Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper. Working with Arvato, a Tier 1 supplier, we reduced the size and weight of our physical products and optimized shipping methods to save $1.2 million.

Reducing employee travel emissions

We’re always on the move. In fact, commuting and traveling accounted for 48 percent of our overall emissions in 2015. Since 2009, commute emissions have increased 7 percent and business travel emissions have doubled due to global expansion. In addition to the stress and expense associated with commuting and travel, we can’t ignore the environmental impact. As a result, we offer a variety of greener options, to make it easier for employees to do their jobs, often without leaving their home or office.

Business travel

International expansion and acquisitions have driven our increase in business travel emissions. To help our employees travel less, we increased the number of videoconference systems, from about 90 in 2008 to 350 in 2015. From 2013 to 2015, the number of videoconference calls increased 440 percent. A new travel policy, implemented in August 2015, further curbs travel costs and emissions. Early results of the travel policy show a 32 percent decrease in travel emissions compared to the previous year.

Transit subsidies

At all U.S. and most global offices we help cover the cost of public transportation and offer personalized commute profiles. Employees at our Edmonton, Canada site receive a full subsidy for public transit, including station park-and-ride fees. In London, employees receive £80 per month to cover their commute. Those who purchase an annual transit pass can obtain interest-free financing to eliminate upfront costs. Employees at U.S. facilities receive $75 per month in transit subsidies. In Mountain View, a centrally located digital sign displays real-time transit options.

Shuttles and Zimride

Intuit is a founding member and subsidizer of MVgo, a transportation management association serving Mountain View. MVgo provides free shuttles that connect employees from Intuit, Google, LinkedIn, Samsung, Microsoft, Symantec and other local companies with 53 trains. We also subsidize seven public RidePal shuttle routes from San Francisco and the East Bay to our peninsula campuses. Additionally, we provide 12 fully subsidized vanpools. In Bangalore, 47 percent of our employees use our free shuttle services. Because we don’t offer shuttles in all areas we partner with Zimride for on-demand ride sharing and recurring carpooling. Zimride has connected nearly 4,000 of our employees since 2011.

Electric vehicles and car sharing

We encourage employees to use electric cars that have a lower emissions footprint than traditional vehicles. At eight of our U.S. campuses we provide more than 70 free charging ports. Since we began providing free charging, the number of employees with electric vehicles has tripled. We plan to install an additional 64 ports in 2016. In addition, we offer onsite electric vehicle sharing.

Bike sharing

We offer a fleet of 50 free bikes, helmets and locks for employees and contractors at our Mountain View and Menlo Park campuses. We also have bike share programs on our major California sites so employees can quickly move across our 40-acre Mountain View campus and the 16-acre campus in San Diego. We recently established a similar program on our Reno campus that allows employees to ride to nearby restaurants for lunch.